A little early this year for my favourite comeback trend?


(Photo: https://uk.pinterest.com)

If I’m being truthful I am often too lazy to prepare my legs for the ripped jeans look and therefore am over the moon that wearing tights underneath is becoming a sought-after look again. Returning to us from the 80’s, wearing fishnets under jeans is a quick and easy way to create a versatile look. For example, getting ready for a night out? High rise fishnets/denim shorts with a crop is an option. On the other hand fishnets with jeans, a flannel and some boots creates an effortless alternative look, perfect for the everyday.
Personally I like to mix up the tights-under-jeans trend and use patterned tights as a base. Remember a few years ago when everybody was in love with leopard print? Well I’m not ready to let that go and can often be seen wearing leopard print tights underneath my ripped boyfriend jeans coupled with a pair of Doctor Martens. What can I say? Some trends you just don’t grow out of – call me Scary Spice.