Hopeless Fountain Kingdom: A glimpse at my thoughts on the album and predictions for the fashion trends coming out of it.

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On June 2nd Halsey released her much anticipated album Hopeless Fountain Kingdom. After exploding onto the music scene with her single Ghost and later her collaboration with The Chainsmokers for their catchy, 2016 Summer song Closer, I for one couldn’t wait for what she had in store for us next.

True this is mainly a fashion blog – and I will get onto H.F.K. from that point of view – but first I want to comment on the actual content of the album. Halsey is really branching out with this new collection of songs… and it shows. Catchy bangers like Bad at Love juxtapose with raw, emotional numbers such as Sorry; although through a quote of her own on Twitter H. states that the whole album links to the same subject – dealing with a toxic relationship:

Image: Twitter.com/Halsey

The music on the album as a whole is a win for me and it stands to reason that many listeners will find the music relatable and therefore will find help in it. Moving on though, to the fashion of the H.F.K. era. Although all of the music videos are yet to be released, the small amount that has been seen, and the clear Romeo and Juliet vibe of what has been viewed so far, means it stands to reason that the fashion direction evolving here will be one that nods to Luhrmann’s 1996 film based on the play; a sort of edgy, catholic chic. I predict that leathers and reds will be adorned with roses, gold and religious symbols throughout the videos released for the album cycle, to create the romantic, yet dangerous world that love often inhabits.

Of course this could be completely wrong and Halsey might have a completely different plan, just thought I’d through my theory out there. If H. decides against this style, please will another artist go for it? I think it sounds pretty great!


Bleach London: Rose Shampoo and Conditioner Review

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So a couple of months ago I finally braved the bleach and dyed my hair rose cold. The only problem? My hair was red before I dyed it and therefore the result was more like if a strawberry and a peach reproduced – but I’m cool with that! The second problem is how quick colours like pink tend to fade and so I invested in a bottle of Bleach London Rose Shampoo and the matching conditioner. After a couple of months use I thought I’d write a review based on somebody who doesn’t have platinum blonde hair – as many will know that it works a dream on white hair.

Firstly, here is a picture of my hair as it is now:

(Photo: Privately Owned)

As you can see I have some root growth which means my hair isn’t freshly dyed and there has been quite a bit of time allowed for my hair to fade. That being said, I think the colour looks in pretty good shape – especially as my hair had an overall reddish hue after bleaching which made it quite difficult for the colour to take. I was my hair two or three times a week with both products, leaving each on for around 3-5 minutes and I have to say it really has made a difference to my hair colour. Yes the orangey parts are still quite orange, but the lighter parts hold the pink pigment remarkably well and, like I said, overall the final appearance of my hair has been quite a conversation starter.

My only qualms with this product is the price, both the shampoo and the conditioner will set you back £6 a piece in Boots – more expensive than just buying a new dye. As well as this, my  hair doesn’t feel in the best condition after I use the product, although this is to be expected when you bleach your hair and using the shampoo and conditioner will undoubtedly be better for your hair than constant dying.

Overall I have just one question to ask Bleach London about this line: When are you going to make this shampoo in other colours? Take my money!

Ichiban – Number One!

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So up until last night whenever I saw blue lipstick on anybody I immediately thought of Joey from Friends in his startling blue Ichiban advert. Due to this I had (and still do to some degree) an aversion to blue lipstick. Last night however my friend Coral (https://coralchanelhammond.wordpress.com/)  insisted on my trying out her Kat-Von-D lipstick in Poe and, although I have to admit I was resistant at first , Von-D has converted me. This shade is a midnight blue flecked with glitter to produce a nebula effect on the lips which made me feel like a sea-witch-come-dark-queen. If you are planning on wearing a blue lipstick however I would recommend applying a base to your lips beforehand (such as foundation) as the contrast between pink lips and blue colour means that any missed bits are very obvious.
Some good news for any readers in the U.K. who may have had trouble getting their hands on Kat-Von-D products in the past, Debenhams are now stocking her range! Amongst their inventory they have the lipstick pictured above (£16) and it’s a lot cheaper than buying in from America and paying for shipping.
In conclusion, although still dubious about pale blue shades it’s safe to say that in this deeper shade of blue I feel like a pretty little girl!


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(photo shows Matte Me in Birthday Suit)

Following on from my previous matte lip cream post and in the wake of my sadness that It isn’t easier to purchase Jeffree Star Cosmetics in England I decided to go on the hunt for a budget alternative. Amongst the famous brands like Nyx and Rimmel I came across Matte Me by Sleek Makeup. Although nowhere near the desired nude tone found in Celebrity Skin for £4.99 I thought I might as well give it a shot. 
The lip cream goes on and wears well. It looks the part too and despite what other reviewers I have seen said, I didn’t find it sticky at all once it dries. However do not make the same mistake I made and put Vaseline on on your lips afterwards because the product has dried out your lips – which like other matte products it will! After I put a tiny bit of Vaseline on my lips it seemed to rehydrate the creme and just turned my lips into an unattractive sticky mess and I found myself scrubbing at my lips until I was just left with tacky feeling, regular colour lips. Another bad thing about this creme is that it has a better-than-regugular-matte ability to highlight the flaws on your lips. Therefore if you plan to use it ensure your lips are in better condition than mine were!

All in all, although I think there are better products out there, until there is a larger range of colours and they’re more easily accessible to the British market I’ll still with my bargain balm. After all does it really matte-r if it gets a little messy after rehydrating if it wears well and looks good?