Shine Bright Like… My Eyebrows?


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Is it just me, or is everything nowadays glittered? It’s like a beauty version of the salted caramel-craze released on the world a few years ago. Don’t get me wrong I love both of these things; salted caramel is to die for and I think everything looks better with glitter, but I had never really seen the real-life applications of some of the glitter embellishments… Until now.

I have always enjoyed making my looks twinkle and some of you may remember the glitter lip tutorial I did at Christmas time. The glitter eyebrow however is something I’ve always wanted to try, so when my friend threw a faerie themed party I jumped at the chance to give it a go and thought I’d write down what I did in case any of you would like to try:

What You Will Need:
      1. A clean makeup brush
2. Eyelash glue (it’s important to use a cosmetic glue that won’t cling too stubbornly to              your eyebrows when it comes to clean-up).
3. Cosmetic glitter (once again it’s important to use product designed for purpose here,               regular glitter is sharp and, especially when working so close to your eyes, you need             to use a product that isn’t going to put you at risk of cutting yourself – no point having          great eyebrows if you can’t see them because you cut your eyes)!


  1. (Optional) Draw in your eyebrows as usual. I didn’t bother with this step as I already have very dark eyebrows, but if your eyebrows are lighter then having them lightly drawn in can aid with packing on the glitter. 
  2. Once you are happy with the starting point for your eyebrows, paint some eyelash glue onto a small section of your brow. It’s important to do this in small sections to give yourself enough time to add the glitter.
  3. Using a clean makeup brush, dab the glitter onto the glued area. Use a pressing motion, not the usual drawing motion you would use on your eyebrows as the glitter will end up everywhere but where you want it!
  4. Repeat these steps along the eyebrow, in small parts, until you’re done.


Glitter eyebrows are actually really easy to do once you know how and really fun to experiment with. The picture above was my first time sparkling-up, I used blue and gold glitter, and I think it went pretty well – even if I do say so myself! Now… when is it going to become an everyday trend??



Finishing University and Starting Projects


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As of around two weeks ago I joined the ever growing group of students who have completed their University studies. Like many of my peers I suddenly find myself with days and days of idle time on my hands, however unlike a lot of my newly freed classmates, I hate it!

Don’t get me wrong – I enjoy a lazy day every once in a while – but I need to have earned it. During the course of my university career I have worked, volunteered and blogged around my studies and socialising; this left me with very little time to know the story lines of daytime television or what new trend was sweeping the internet. This is how I like it and loosing this has made me feel somewhat lost. I worked so much that I was able to give up my job and move straight in with my partner when University was finished, unfortunately I didn’t realise that finding my dream job would prove so difficult. Now I know what you’re thinking; but you only handed in your final assignment two weeks ago! This might be the case but, being the early bird I have always been, I have been on the search for a graduate job for around three months now. True I have come across plenty of well-paying jobs in fields I don’t particularly want to work in (telecoms companies love graduates) but this left me with a sour taste in my mouth as I came to a harsh realisation: Your dream job isn’t always there when you want it to be.

My second brush with the real world when I was fresh out of the student bubble is that my, like many others, dream job exists mainly in the south of England. I want to be a writer/editor and I’m willing to work my way up the ladder; so why then are there so few jobs available in the North East of England? I’m doing my part to attempt to rectify this, as well as blogging I am working on a project with my friend and classmate to produce a magazine called ‘The Nymph Delphyne.’ I don’t know what will come out of this project, but I’m proud to be working on something different from the mainstream magazines and more importantly – something of my own. If you’d like to follow our journey feel free to follow our self-titled Instagram page

Of course I don’t want to divulge too much about this magazine but feel free to chat if you’d like to get involved and see where this takes us!

Hopeless Fountain Kingdom: A glimpse at my thoughts on the album and predictions for the fashion trends coming out of it.

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On June 2nd Halsey released her much anticipated album Hopeless Fountain Kingdom. After exploding onto the music scene with her single Ghost and later her collaboration with The Chainsmokers for their catchy, 2016 Summer song Closer, I for one couldn’t wait for what she had in store for us next.

True this is mainly a fashion blog – and I will get onto H.F.K. from that point of view – but first I want to comment on the actual content of the album. Halsey is really branching out with this new collection of songs… and it shows. Catchy bangers like Bad at Love juxtapose with raw, emotional numbers such as Sorry; although through a quote of her own on Twitter H. states that the whole album links to the same subject – dealing with a toxic relationship:


The music on the album as a whole is a win for me and it stands to reason that many listeners will find the music relatable and therefore will find help in it. Moving on though, to the fashion of the H.F.K. era. Although all of the music videos are yet to be released, the small amount that has been seen, and the clear Romeo and Juliet vibe of what has been viewed so far, means it stands to reason that the fashion direction evolving here will be one that nods to Luhrmann’s 1996 film based on the play; a sort of edgy, catholic chic. I predict that leathers and reds will be adorned with roses, gold and religious symbols throughout the videos released for the album cycle, to create the romantic, yet dangerous world that love often inhabits.

Of course this could be completely wrong and Halsey might have a completely different plan, just thought I’d through my theory out there. If H. decides against this style, please will another artist go for it? I think it sounds pretty great!

Bleach London: Rose Shampoo and Conditioner Review

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So a couple of months ago I finally braved the bleach and dyed my hair rose cold. The only problem? My hair was red before I dyed it and therefore the result was more like if a strawberry and a peach reproduced – but I’m cool with that! The second problem is how quick colours like pink tend to fade and so I invested in a bottle of Bleach London Rose Shampoo and the matching conditioner. After a couple of months use I thought I’d write a review based on somebody who doesn’t have platinum blonde hair – as many will know that it works a dream on white hair.

Firstly, here is a picture of my hair as it is now:

(Photo: Privately Owned)

As you can see I have some root growth which means my hair isn’t freshly dyed and there has been quite a bit of time allowed for my hair to fade. That being said, I think the colour looks in pretty good shape – especially as my hair had an overall reddish hue after bleaching which made it quite difficult for the colour to take. I was my hair two or three times a week with both products, leaving each on for around 3-5 minutes and I have to say it really has made a difference to my hair colour. Yes the orangey parts are still quite orange, but the lighter parts hold the pink pigment remarkably well and, like I said, overall the final appearance of my hair has been quite a conversation starter.

My only qualms with this product is the price, both the shampoo and the conditioner will set you back £6 a piece in Boots – more expensive than just buying a new dye. As well as this, my  hair doesn’t feel in the best condition after I use the product, although this is to be expected when you bleach your hair and using the shampoo and conditioner will undoubtedly be better for your hair than constant dying.

Overall I have just one question to ask Bleach London about this line: When are you going to make this shampoo in other colours? Take my money!

Cosmo Self Made Summit

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So it’s been a week since I headed to London for the Cosmopolitan Self Made Summit with Very and so much has been set into motion by it. I cannot rate the even highly enough; apart from the huge amounts of freebies to make me feel special, the event taught me so much about how to progress in the writing business. The day was filled with inspiring talkers/people who, no matter how high up in their chosen fields they are, really wanted to help you achieve the most you can in your career.  Since the event I have begun working towards my dream of setting up a magazine – with the help from my fellow Lit and Creative Writing classmate Coral – and I’m really excited to see what the future holds. 

Follow TheNymphDelphyne on Instagram to follow our journey as we work towards creating a publication that we’re sure you’ll love. Hope to see you there!

A little early this year for my favourite comeback trend?



If I’m being truthful I am often too lazy to prepare my legs for the ripped jeans look and therefore am over the moon that wearing tights underneath is becoming a sought-after look again. Returning to us from the 80’s, wearing fishnets under jeans is a quick and easy way to create a versatile look. For example, getting ready for a night out? High rise fishnets/denim shorts with a crop is an option. On the other hand fishnets with jeans, a flannel and some boots creates an effortless alternative look, perfect for the everyday.
Personally I like to mix up the tights-under-jeans trend and use patterned tights as a base. Remember a few years ago when everybody was in love with leopard print? Well I’m not ready to let that go and can often be seen wearing leopard print tights underneath my ripped boyfriend jeans coupled with a pair of Doctor Martens. What can I say? Some trends you just don’t grow out of – call me Scary Spice.

Eye love your lashes

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Lately false eyelashes appear to becoming less of a special occasion add on and more of an everyday staple for some. I’m still a little too lazy to put on lashes daily but I do have a few tips/thoughts on the practice.

Which Lash? Which Lash?

That is the question… Personally I see no reason why anybody should spend more than a couple of pounds on one set of lashes and certainly never over £5 – my lashes are always budget (often from Savers) and I have no complaints. One of the best things about false lashes is that they can be layered so you can create a unique lash that’s perfect for you and more often than not can be reused; as long as you look after them.

Now you can also go for individual lashes too (which if are done well can look amazing) but I find them a little fiddley to work with so unless I am having them done professionally I stick to full bands.

Putting them on.

  1. First things first measure your eyelash to your eye and cut it to size. It’s always better to have your lash a tad too short than having a nasty overhang!
  2. Next wrap your lashes around something small to make them more malleable. I tend to just use the handle of an eye shadow brush. By doing this the eyelashes will be somewhat more willing to go where you want them to.
  3. Apply your chosen adhesive. Although I swear by cheap and cheerful lashes I can’t worship the adhesive that comes with them. Luckily you can buy glues separately or, if you want something really heavy duty then weave glue has been known as a stronger alternative for your lashes. Cheap and sturdy weave glue is a couple of pounds for a big tub and will last ages – be warned though they tend to contain latex so aren’t good for allergies and will take a lot more work to remove.
  4. Once you’ve applied adhesive wait for it to get tacky. If you stick your lash on straight away it won’t stay where you put it, the glue will go everywhere and the whole process will just become a mess. When the glue has gotten tacky pace the lash above your lash line (not on your you will probably rip out your lashes when you come to take them off – ouch) and press them into place. I do this part by hand but a lot of people like to use tweezers and if you can get scissor tweezers it can be even easier!
  5. While the glue dries don’t be afraid to play with the lashes and gently nudge them the way you want them to go.
  6. Once dried put on a little bit of mascara to blur the line between your lash and your false ones.

And there you go, just a few tips on how to get the most out of false eyelashes. I don’t claim to be a guru but I hope this helps!