Finishing University and Starting Projects


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As of around two weeks ago I joined the ever growing group of students who have completed their University studies. Like many of my peers I suddenly find myself with days and days of idle time on my hands, however unlike a lot of my newly freed classmates, I hate it!

Don’t get me wrong – I enjoy a lazy day every once in a while – but I need to have earned it. During the course of my university career I have worked, volunteered and blogged around my studies and socialising; this left me with very little time to know the story lines of daytime television or what new trend was sweeping the internet. This is how I like it and loosing this has made me feel somewhat lost. I worked so much that I was able to give up my job and move straight in with my partner when University was finished, unfortunately I didn’t realise that finding my dream job would prove so difficult. Now I know what you’re thinking; but you only handed in your final assignment two weeks ago! This might be the case but, being the early bird I have always been, I have been on the search for a graduate job for around three months now. True I have come across plenty of well-paying jobs in fields I don’t particularly want to work in (telecoms companies love graduates) but this left me with a sour taste in my mouth as I came to a harsh realisation: Your dream job isn’t always there when you want it to be.

My second brush with the real world when I was fresh out of the student bubble is that my, like many others, dream job exists mainly in the south of England. I want to be a writer/editor and I’m willing to work my way up the ladder; so why then are there so few jobs available in the North East of England? I’m doing my part to attempt to rectify this, as well as blogging I am working on a project with my friend and classmate to produce a magazine called ‘The Nymph Delphyne.’ I don’t know what will come out of this project, but I’m proud to be working on something different from the mainstream magazines and more importantly – something of my own. If you’d like to follow our journey feel free to follow our self-titled Instagram page

Of course I don’t want to divulge too much about this magazine but feel free to chat if you’d like to get involved and see where this takes us!


Cosmo Self Made Summit

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So it’s been a week since I headed to London for the Cosmopolitan Self Made Summit with Very and so much has been set into motion by it. I cannot rate the even highly enough; apart from the huge amounts of freebies to make me feel special, the event taught me so much about how to progress in the writing business. The day was filled with inspiring talkers/people who, no matter how high up in their chosen fields they are, really wanted to help you achieve the most you can in your career.  Since the event I have begun working towards my dream of setting up a magazine – with the help from my fellow Lit and Creative Writing classmate Coral – and I’m really excited to see what the future holds. 

Follow TheNymphDelphyne on Instagram to follow our journey as we work towards creating a publication that we’re sure you’ll love. Hope to see you there!

Feminism? Or just a brag?


It came to my attention earlier today that Glamour magazine has published its first issue which is completely produced by women and I have some mixed feelings about it that I would like to share in – what I hope to be – a safe space.

First I would like to state that I am a feminist and believe entirely in the equality of people of all genders, races, sexualities and basically live my life very much of the opinion of ‘as long as you aren’t hurting anybody just do you.’ That being said it is quite difficult for me to celebrate this issue of Glamour as a real victory for women. Yes it’s great that these women’s hard work has been acknowledged, however is not the mere fact that this event is made into such a ‘big deal’ an indication that gender equality is still foreign in some sectors? By elevating this development in the industry to news do we not separate the concept from what should be the norm?

Secondly, and a common consensus I have seen over Twitter is the fact that all of the women pictured would appear to be Caucasian. Now I am not an idiot, I don’t believe that women of different ethnic backgrounds have been shunned entirely from this enterprise (at least I hope in this day and age they haven’t).  Unfortunately though, this picture does only represent the white women involved. You would think that an article so concerned with bragging about their equality standards would think to display more than simply thin, white women on the cover.

I could go on and back and  forth on myself with this topic, spend hours going around in circles about the helpfulness of this article but I think I’ll stop now. I suppose my final note is, I am glad women are becoming more prominent in a business setting, but am saddened by the spectacle made of them when they do.  Thank you for listening to my mini rant, I’d love to know any thoughts you guys have.