Bleach London: Rose Shampoo and Conditioner Review

(Photo: Privately Owned)

So a couple of months ago I finally braved the bleach and dyed my hair rose cold. The only problem? My hair was red before I dyed it and therefore the result was more like if a strawberry and a peach reproduced – but I’m cool with that! The second problem is how quick colours like pink tend to fade and so I invested in a bottle of Bleach London Rose Shampoo and the matching conditioner. After a couple of months use I thought I’d write a review based on somebody who doesn’t have platinum blonde hair – as many will know that it works a dream on white hair.

Firstly, here is a picture of my hair as it is now:

(Photo: Privately Owned)

As you can see I have some root growth which means my hair isn’t freshly dyed and there has been quite a bit of time allowed for my hair to fade. That being said, I think the colour looks in pretty good shape – especially as my hair had an overall reddish hue after bleaching which made it quite difficult for the colour to take. I was my hair two or three times a week with both products, leaving each on for around 3-5 minutes and I have to say it really has made a difference to my hair colour. Yes the orangey parts are still quite orange, but the lighter parts hold the pink pigment remarkably well and, like I said, overall the final appearance of my hair has been quite a conversation starter.

My only qualms with this product is the price, both the shampoo and the conditioner will set you back £6 a piece in Boots – more expensive than just buying a new dye. As well as this, my  hair doesn’t feel in the best condition after I use the product, although this is to be expected when you bleach your hair and using the shampoo and conditioner will undoubtedly be better for your hair than constant dying.

Overall I have just one question to ask Bleach London about this line: When are you going to make this shampoo in other colours? Take my money!


Taking the plunge into surfy locks.

Left: Courtesy of Google. Right: Privately owned.

Over the past few months to the past year I have noticed that an increasing number of ladies are opting for the ‘long bob’ look – and I could not love it more. I myself have been debating for months over whether I dare get the chop I mean sure, some of my faves like Sarah Hyland look effortlessly flawless with their short do but us normies run the risk of looking boy (but not in the cute way). One of the consistent things I noticed was that all the best hairdos featured beachy waves. This is something which alludes me unless, like the picture above) I have just been to the hairdressers. I sat and watched Sam (best hairdresser in the World btw) do all sorts to my locks to achieve the coveted, textured look and felt almost immediately resigned that I’ll never look like that again unless I spend unholy amounts of money on product.

I have, however, found some tips for that beachy look on your long bob look as well as a few different options:

Option One

  1. Wash the hair but do not hair dry (best done on a night).
  2. Tie hair into tight plaits.
  3. Spray hair with sea salt spray  – this stuff can be expensive but there are a lot of DIY choices out there that can work out cheaper, my favourite is this one: which gives you a few different ingredient selections.
  4. Allow hair to naturally dry.

Option Two 

  1. When hair is dry apply a mouse to sections of the hair to add volume.
  2. Spray the hair first with something called ‘hair clay’ this adds texture  and hold to the hair but does not give it a ‘claggy’ feel like a lot of sprays.
  3. Using straightners lightly curl the hair to give it a wavy look.
  4. Once again spray with your choice of sea salt spray.The key seems to be the sea salt spray but this can dry your hair out so make sure to condition your hair and perhaps even treat it with oil in between styles.