Finishing University and Starting Projects


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As of around two weeks ago I joined the ever growing group of students who have completed their University studies. Like many of my peers I suddenly find myself with days and days of idle time on my hands, however unlike a lot of my newly freed classmates, I hate it!

Don’t get me wrong – I enjoy a lazy day every once in a while – but I need to have earned it. During the course of my university career I have worked, volunteered and blogged around my studies and socialising; this left me with very little time to know the story lines of daytime television or what new trend was sweeping the internet. This is how I like it and loosing this has made me feel somewhat lost. I worked so much that I was able to give up my job and move straight in with my partner when University was finished, unfortunately I didn’t realise that finding my dream job would prove so difficult. Now I know what you’re thinking; but you only handed in your final assignment two weeks ago! This might be the case but, being the early bird I have always been, I have been on the search for a graduate job for around three months now. True I have come across plenty of well-paying jobs in fields I don’t particularly want to work in (telecoms companies love graduates) but this left me with a sour taste in my mouth as I came to a harsh realisation: Your dream job isn’t always there when you want it to be.

My second brush with the real world when I was fresh out of the student bubble is that my, like many others, dream job exists mainly in the south of England. I want to be a writer/editor and I’m willing to work my way up the ladder; so why then are there so few jobs available in the North East of England? I’m doing my part to attempt to rectify this, as well as blogging I am working on a project with my friend and classmate to produce a magazine called ‘The Nymph Delphyne.’ I don’t know what will come out of this project, but I’m proud to be working on something different from the mainstream magazines and more importantly – something of my own. If you’d like to follow our journey feel free to follow our self-titled Instagram page

Of course I don’t want to divulge too much about this magazine but feel free to chat if you’d like to get involved and see where this takes us!


A moment to appreciate…


Okay so I know I’m late to this but during my time at home this week my mam has gotten me into The Good Wife. All of the women in this programme dress fabulously but Alicia Florrick is something else. Her suits are always flawless whether she’s wearing an understated monochrome number or a royal blue peplum blazer. If, like me, you are obsessed with Alicia’s style this is what I’d recommend:

  • Buy a good quality little black dress.
    You can buy one of these from just about anywhere but you really can tell the difference between a shabby or well made black dress. Shops like Next can be really good for this but if you live near the York Designer Outlet like me then I would waste no time as there is a sale on Armani there now!
  • Lots of blazers!
    Blazers are another staple for any Florrite. There are loads of places to buy a good blazer and it needn’t cost even more than £30. One of my favourite monochrome blazers was a bargain buy from the H&M sale and charity shops can be a goldmine for vintage blazers that are still in pretty good nick. If you want something a bit more upmarket however then Hobbs might as well have been made for Alicia. Although blazers aren’t their main feature sometimes one pops up and it’s almost always in a bold satin finish that Alicia would love.
  • Don’t over accessorize.
    Dressing well is enough to catch somebodies, add too much extra and you just look naff. A nice watch and perhaps one other statement piece is more than enough! This is the same with colour, you only need one bright colour, don’t try to hard and become a peacock. Ps. Don’t forget a professional looking, well made bag to show you mean business.

    This feels like the longest post ever and if you’ve stood by me then go you! You truly are on your way to being The Good Wife.