Don’t pay through the nose for luscious lips

Candy and lips


I don’t know about you but I suffer from a toxic combination of dry lips and a love of lipstick which together means I have chapped/peeling lips year round (a condition which does not go well with the ever popular matte lipstick). Any of you who share my pain will know that moisturising your lips doesn’t quite fix the issue and lip scrubs can be quite expensive for what they are – often upwards of £4. Luckily for us there are hundreds of recipes on the internet to make your own lip exfoliate and yes, they’re almost all edible. Below I have written the recipe I use to make a wonderfully cheap lip scrub with ingredients you probable have lying around the house anyway!

What you’ll need

Oil (Any oil is fine, I just use the same vegetable oil I use for cooking).
Sugar (A lot of recipes I see say that brown sugar is the best for this but once again I just use granulated because I’m a cheapskate. Basically as long as it’s gritty you can use it).
Extract/Essence (This isn’t an essential but makes the scrub smell gorgeous and a lot tastier if you accidentally-on-purpose eat some. I tend to use vanilla as my flavouring).
Some sort of tub (If you have an old lip balm tub lying around that’s great but it not I’ve been known to use an egg cup and some cling film. This item is more for if you want to keep the excess lip scrub you make for later).

What to do

  1. Pour some sugar into your tub/bowl. The amount you use will just depend on how much scrub you want to make. This lip scrub will keep for a week or so in the fridge and I like to use mine once a day.
  2. Add oil slowly to the sugar and stir until it just sticks together. You don’t want to drown the sugar in oil – think the consistency you see in shop-bought brands.
  3. Once the sugar and oil are combined add a small amount of your flavouring. A little goes a long way in this instance!

And there you go, this lip scrub is so easy to make and costs barely anything to make. Rub it gently on your lips and then leave it to soak for a few minutes before disposing of it (I won’t judge you on how) and applying lip balm liberally. Another great trick I use between lip scrubs is sometimes using my toothbrush, when I’m brushing my teeth, to very gently loofah my lips. However this isn’t quite as effective or tasty as using the scrub!





I’ve been expecting you Mr Bond. 

(Photo: Privately Owned)

I’m not sure when it happened, but the last month or so my opinion of high necked jumpers has shifted from ‘what are you, a Bond villain? 🙄’ To ‘what are you, a Bond villain? 😏’ I don’t know what it is but something about a high necked jumper makes me feel like a total bad ass – which is strange considering the main wearers of these in the past. The best part about following this trend isn’t that you feel like a kardashian but that it’s one of the only ones that keeps an eternally frozen person like me reasonably warm. Coupled up with a black skirt or smart jeans and you look both professional and stylish. 💁🏻

Blush like Nana



Although I like the colour pink up until now I had always set aside dusty pink clothing as something to wear once I hit my seventies. That being said the colour has been gently nudged into the limelight lately by the likes of Lady Gaga’s Joanne era and after seeing one of the Queens on Rupaul’s Drag Race wearing a similar pair of trousers with a white corset (I can’t for the life of me find a picture or remember who) my head has been thoroughly turned. The best part about this trend is that at the moment a lot of the clothing which matches it are relatively cheap – these trousers being down to £14 from £35 – meaning you can get prepared for summer on a budget.

Don’t forget to throw on a pair of big sunglasses before you go, after all who doesn’t look pretty in pink?

Feminism? Or just a brag?


It came to my attention earlier today that Glamour magazine has published its first issue which is completely produced by women and I have some mixed feelings about it that I would like to share in – what I hope to be – a safe space.

First I would like to state that I am a feminist and believe entirely in the equality of people of all genders, races, sexualities and basically live my life very much of the opinion of ‘as long as you aren’t hurting anybody just do you.’ That being said it is quite difficult for me to celebrate this issue of Glamour as a real victory for women. Yes it’s great that these women’s hard work has been acknowledged, however is not the mere fact that this event is made into such a ‘big deal’ an indication that gender equality is still foreign in some sectors? By elevating this development in the industry to news do we not separate the concept from what should be the norm?

Secondly, and a common consensus I have seen over Twitter is the fact that all of the women pictured would appear to be Caucasian. Now I am not an idiot, I don’t believe that women of different ethnic backgrounds have been shunned entirely from this enterprise (at least I hope in this day and age they haven’t).  Unfortunately though, this picture does only represent the white women involved. You would think that an article so concerned with bragging about their equality standards would think to display more than simply thin, white women on the cover.

I could go on and back and  forth on myself with this topic, spend hours going around in circles about the helpfulness of this article but I think I’ll stop now. I suppose my final note is, I am glad women are becoming more prominent in a business setting, but am saddened by the spectacle made of them when they do.  Thank you for listening to my mini rant, I’d love to know any thoughts you guys have.

The best kind of Christmas tree is the Christmas tree you can take with you… on your face. 

Earlier this year I remember hearing about the glitter beard trend and thinking ‘wow that’s interesting/uber hipster/ omg glitter eyebrows too? I want)!! However bauble beards were fairly foreign to me until earlier this week when a man sporting a magnificent festive beard came into my workplace. Eye-catching, whimsical and relatively cheap (around £6 on amazon) I can’t believe nobody thought of this earlier. Now I won’t lie, there is almost nothing fashionable about this look, but then again have I not said that I believe Christmas should be as gaudy as possible? I am a huge fan of bauble beards and hope to see them every year from now on. But why stop there? I feel like flower beards in the spring should definitely make an appearance – what do you think?? #DaisyChainBeardzzz

FootPRINTS in the snow ❅❄



This holiday season why not make yourself a walking landscape? Over the summer I was drawn to the amount of cityscape clothing I saw. It’s true that this wasn’t one of the biggest trends of the year (will anything in summer ever be more popular than floral prints?) the skirts and dresses I did see sporting this pattern drew me in.  Big brands like Ted Baker have always been known to stock bold designs and their  building bordered shorts – which unfortunately I didn’t buy and can’t find a picture of – were to die for (crying that I am a poor student).

Moving on though to Winter and one online retailer is winning the print game this year with their range of themed landscape dresses and skirts. Two of my favourite designs from Lindy Bop  in this style are the Alpine Green line (pictured above and priced at £26 for the skirt) and the newly arrived Central Park dress. ( £35)

The only downside of Lindy Bop is the sizing which I have found a little too big, that being said however their customer service is excellent and they will do everything they can to help you get the perfect outfit. So what are you waiting for? Go out and find some prints in the snow this Christmas!

My favourite shoes – an accidental rant….


(Photo: Privately Owned)

Pictured above is one of my multiple pairs of Ruby Shoo shoes which in my opinion are some of the most under rated shoes I have ever come across. Always a conversation starter whenever I head out in them this footwear comes in a library of designs and any colour you could want – yet they still seem rare to come across. My favourite thing about them is the amount of effort that seems to go into a pair, for example you may not be able to see it but the souls of these heels is a pinky-orange colour to match the flowers and trim on top. This small detail not only hints to more popular brands (you know which I mean) but also demonstrates the care and detail that goes into each pair of these – oddly comfortable – shoes.

As a final note here I would like to say that more often than not if you find these shoes in a shop they will likely be on sale and only set you back around £30 – no seriously, I don’t understand how they aren’t a bigger brand either. Has this post seemed ranty to you? I feel like it was a little ranty to me… Oooops.