Don’t pay through the nose for luscious lips

Candy and lips


I don’t know about you but I suffer from a toxic combination of dry lips and a love of lipstick which together means I have chapped/peeling lips year round (a condition which does not go well with the ever popular matte lipstick). Any of you who share my pain will know that moisturising your lips doesn’t quite fix the issue and lip scrubs can be quite expensive for what they are – often upwards of £4. Luckily for us there are hundreds of recipes on the internet to make your own lip exfoliate and yes, they’re almost all edible. Below I have written the recipe I use to make a wonderfully cheap lip scrub with ingredients you probable have lying around the house anyway!

What you’ll need

Oil (Any oil is fine, I just use the same vegetable oil I use for cooking).
Sugar (A lot of recipes I see say that brown sugar is the best for this but once again I just use granulated because I’m a cheapskate. Basically as long as it’s gritty you can use it).
Extract/Essence (This isn’t an essential but makes the scrub smell gorgeous and a lot tastier if you accidentally-on-purpose eat some. I tend to use vanilla as my flavouring).
Some sort of tub (If you have an old lip balm tub lying around that’s great but it not I’ve been known to use an egg cup and some cling film. This item is more for if you want to keep the excess lip scrub you make for later).

What to do

  1. Pour some sugar into your tub/bowl. The amount you use will just depend on how much scrub you want to make. This lip scrub will keep for a week or so in the fridge and I like to use mine once a day.
  2. Add oil slowly to the sugar and stir until it just sticks together. You don’t want to drown the sugar in oil – think the consistency you see in shop-bought brands.
  3. Once the sugar and oil are combined add a small amount of your flavouring. A little goes a long way in this instance!

And there you go, this lip scrub is so easy to make and costs barely anything to make. Rub it gently on your lips and then leave it to soak for a few minutes before disposing of it (I won’t judge you on how) and applying lip balm liberally. Another great trick I use between lip scrubs is sometimes using my toothbrush, when I’m brushing my teeth, to very gently loofah my lips. However this isn’t quite as effective or tasty as using the scrub!





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