Feminism? Or just a brag?

(Photo: https://twitter.com/Slate)

It came to my attention earlier today that Glamour magazine has published its first issue which is completely produced by women and I have some mixed feelings about it that I would like to share in – what I hope to be – a safe space.

First I would like to state that I am a feminist and believe entirely in the equality of people of all genders, races, sexualities and basically live my life very much of the opinion of ‘as long as you aren’t hurting anybody just do you.’ That being said it is quite difficult for me to celebrate this issue of Glamour as a real victory for women. Yes it’s great that these women’s hard work has been acknowledged, however is not the mere fact that this event is made into such a ‘big deal’ an indication that gender equality is still foreign in some sectors? By elevating this development in the industry to news do we not separate the concept from what should be the norm?

Secondly, and a common consensus I have seen over Twitter is the fact that all of the women pictured would appear to be Caucasian. Now I am not an idiot, I don’t believe that women of different ethnic backgrounds have been shunned entirely from this enterprise (at least I hope in this day and age they haven’t).  Unfortunately though, this picture does only represent the white women involved. You would think that an article so concerned with bragging about their equality standards would think to display more than simply thin, white women on the cover.

I could go on and back and  forth on myself with this topic, spend hours going around in circles about the helpfulness of this article but I think I’ll stop now. I suppose my final note is, I am glad women are becoming more prominent in a business setting, but am saddened by the spectacle made of them when they do.  Thank you for listening to my mini rant, I’d love to know any thoughts you guys have.


One thought on “Feminism? Or just a brag?”

  1. I totally get what you’re saying! Like are we really empowering women by playing up these accomplishments? If the next issue of GQ was produced by only men, would anyone really care beyond the actual content of the magazine? By placing events such as this in the spotlight, we’re actually defeating the purpose of the equality we’re striving for.


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