The best kind of Christmas tree is the Christmas tree you can take with you… on your face. 

Earlier this year I remember hearing about the glitter beard trend and thinking ‘wow that’s interesting/uber hipster/ omg glitter eyebrows too? I want)!! However bauble beards were fairly foreign to me until earlier this week when a man sporting a magnificent festive beard came into my workplace. Eye-catching, whimsical and relatively cheap (around £6 on amazon) I can’t believe nobody thought of this earlier. Now I won’t lie, there is almost nothing fashionable about this look, but then again have I not said that I believe Christmas should be as gaudy as possible? I am a huge fan of bauble beards and hope to see them every year from now on. But why stop there? I feel like flower beards in the spring should definitely make an appearance – what do you think?? #DaisyChainBeardzzz


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