FootPRINTS in the snow ❅❄



This holiday season why not make yourself a walking landscape? Over the summer I was drawn to the amount of cityscape clothing I saw. It’s true that this wasn’t one of the biggest trends of the year (will anything in summer ever be more popular than floral prints?) the skirts and dresses I did see sporting this pattern drew me in.  Big brands like Ted Baker have always been known to stock bold designs and their  building bordered shorts – which unfortunately I didn’t buy and can’t find a picture of – were to die for (crying that I am a poor student).

Moving on though to Winter and one online retailer is winning the print game this year with their range of themed landscape dresses and skirts. Two of my favourite designs from Lindy Bop  in this style are the Alpine Green line (pictured above and priced at £26 for the skirt) and the newly arrived Central Park dress. ( £35)

The only downside of Lindy Bop is the sizing which I have found a little too big, that being said however their customer service is excellent and they will do everything they can to help you get the perfect outfit. So what are you waiting for? Go out and find some prints in the snow this Christmas!


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