My favourite shoes – an accidental rant….


(Photo: Privately Owned)

Pictured above is one of my multiple pairs of Ruby Shoo shoes which in my opinion are some of the most under rated shoes I have ever come across. Always a conversation starter whenever I head out in them this footwear comes in a library of designs and any colour you could want – yet they still seem rare to come across. My favourite thing about them is the amount of effort that seems to go into a pair, for example you may not be able to see it but the souls of these heels is a pinky-orange colour to match the flowers and trim on top. This small detail not only hints to more popular brands (you know which I mean) but also demonstrates the care and detail that goes into each pair of these – oddly comfortable – shoes.

As a final note here I would like to say that more often than not if you find these shoes in a shop they will likely be on sale and only set you back around £30 – no seriously, I don’t understand how they aren’t a bigger brand either. Has this post seemed ranty to you? I feel like it was a little ranty to me… Oooops.


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