Anti-fashion this Christmas


(Photo: Privately Owned)

Christmas is barrelling towards us now (did November even happen)?!  and arguably my favourite ‘fashion’ trend in winter is the ugly Christmas Jumper. Each to their own but I will never understand why people choose to go for those subdued stylish sweaters:



I mean I suppose props for matching Christmas jumpers – there is nothing more gaudy and I love it. That being said this isn’t a Christmas jumper! I want to be blinded by primary colours and cartoony paraphernalia. I want all the bells and whistled – no literally, one of my favourite jumpers is studded with bells.
If you’re like me then don’t be afraid to shop in the boys section which for some reason seems to truly have the most ugly Christmas clothing. And you don’t even have to stop there, now you can buy Yuletide skirts and leggings to really look like a candy cane. Top it off with a Santa hat and in my eyes you will be the most fashionable person this Christmas!



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