Tell your lips it’s Christmas time. 

I love Christmas style. From the gorgeously gaudy Jumpers to the dainty little sparky numbers seen at the parties.  And I’ve always worn sparkly lipstick at Christmas (my favourite being Avons 24k collection which is creamy and doesn’t dry out your lips). However after watching my favourite makeup channel on YouTube I decided to step up the glamour a notch. Taking inspiration from Rosa’s mermaid lip tutorial (  I used two 24k lipsticks (Rose Gold and Ruby Gold) and textured them together, before adding to the already golden hue with some gold glitter I had lying around. I just pressed it along the centre and my Cupid’s bow with my finger – click the link above for a more detailed tutorial – for an easy to achieve, glinting lip. 

If the glitter life doesn’t appeal to you though there is a surplus of sparkly lipsticks in every shade around at the moment. Some more goldy like Urban Decay – Conspiracy and some more contravercial shades like Kat-Von-D – Poe which I previously reviewed. So get out there and have fairy-dust filled Christmas! 


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