So what if you’re favourite lipstick had a personality of it’s own?

Photo: Google Images

Have you ever wondered what Mac’s iconic lipsticks would smell like if they didn’t all have that creamy cacao scent? Well today’s the day you can find out. On the 25th November Mac are releasing six perfumes named MAC Shadescents. Each scent is based on the personality of six of the best known lipsticks from the brand: favoured Velvet Teddy, Creme-De-Nude, Candy Yum-Yum, Ruby Woo, Lady Danger and Heroine. Although having yet to smell the range for myself I have been doing a little research and have already picked out some possible favourites…

Velvet Teddy

Let’s face it Mac would be remiss if they missed out what is clearly one of their most successful colours from this collection – I myself having to order the lipstick from Canada once because it’s in such high demand. From what I gather this will smell exactly how you might imagine, with sweet honey tones and overall a rather sophisticated feeling smell.


Onto the second nude perfume and the one I am most excited about. Creme-De-Nude has been described as having a soft musky scent mixed with amber. For me musky, amber perfumes are the epitome of grace and elegance and  I  have been desperately searching for an amber perfume that I like – hoping this will  be the one for me.

Candy Yum-Yum

This has already proved popular in testing, within this hot pink bottle is a perfume that will appeal to the young, fun loving person. Not really up my street this aroma sounds exceedingly sweet, being a mixture of fruit and candy floss – perfect for summer.

Ruby Woo

Heading into another favourite lipstick shade of mine and this smell has a certain rocker vibe to it. Described as leathery by many I believe this is Mac’s shade aimed at the rebellious, having deep woody undertones and being overall a more complex scent than some of the others.

Lady Danger

Lady Danger seems to be the bridge between Ruby Woo and Candy Yum-Yum still keeping some of the deeper, woody notes but complimenting it with some of the lighter tones of cherry and flowers.


Finally, a colour that seems far away from the others, Heroine is based of the purple lipstick of the same name and combines incense and – seemingly Mac’s favourite – leather to make what I can only assume will be a smell not dissimilar to those cool witchy or fairtrade shops that always have incense burning (or at least that’s what I’m hoping)!


Sadly these are all just guesses on my part as, as I mentioned earlier, I have been unable to smell these for myself yet. However I am excited to get my hands on them (especially Creme-De-Nude) and I’ll probably to a follow up post with what I think of the actual smells!




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