Ichiban – Number One!

(Photo: Privately Owned)

So up until last night whenever I saw blue lipstick on anybody I immediately thought of Joey from Friends in his startling blue Ichiban advert. Due to this I had (and still do to some degree) an aversion to blue lipstick. Last night however my friend Coral (https://coralchanelhammond.wordpress.com/)  insisted on my trying out her Kat-Von-D lipstick in Poe and, although I have to admit I was resistant at first , Von-D has converted me. This shade is a midnight blue flecked with glitter to produce a nebula effect on the lips which made me feel like a sea-witch-come-dark-queen. If you are planning on wearing a blue lipstick however I would recommend applying a base to your lips beforehand (such as foundation) as the contrast between pink lips and blue colour means that any missed bits are very obvious.
Some good news for any readers in the U.K. who may have had trouble getting their hands on Kat-Von-D products in the past, Debenhams are now stocking her range! Amongst their inventory they have the lipstick pictured above (£16) and it’s a lot cheaper than buying in from America and paying for shipping.
In conclusion, although still dubious about pale blue shades it’s safe to say that in this deeper shade of blue I feel like a pretty little girl!


(Photo: google)


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