Gym fashion?


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So up until fairly recently the only place I ever saw exercise clothing was at the gym or a soccer mam on a sitcom. Now though it would seem that the World and it’s grandma are obsessed with yoga trousers and sports bras. Even I have been taken in, wearing my yoga clothing on a nine hour flight to America was the best choice I could have made as, mine being seamless, they feel like you’re wearing almost nothing without the social ridicule.
Helping the trend along are big labels like Calvin Klein who’s sports bra can be seen on all sorts of celebrities Instagram accounts  (I also picked one up from an outlet for £18 although they are usually £28). There’s little further advice I can give on this particular look as yoga clothes are available at just about anywhere with prices ranging from very cheap (such as sports bra I bought for under £2 on Ebay) to designer labels and even subscription services where you buy sports outfits monthly – although I imagine this is for people who really like their athletic-wear. Depending on what you want the clothes for there are difference levels of functionality available also, with some of the more expensive brands actually being more suited to fashion wear than offering much support for activity.

In conclusion I love this trend even though I don’t love the gym!


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