(photo shows Matte Me in Birthday Suit)

Following on from my previous matte lip cream post and in the wake of my sadness that It isn’t easier to purchase Jeffree Star Cosmetics in England I decided to go on the hunt for a budget alternative. Amongst the famous brands like Nyx and Rimmel I came across Matte Me by Sleek Makeup. Although nowhere near the desired nude tone found in Celebrity Skin for £4.99 I thought I might as well give it a shot. 
The lip cream goes on and wears well. It looks the part too and despite what other reviewers I have seen said, I didn’t find it sticky at all once it dries. However do not make the same mistake I made and put Vaseline on on your lips afterwards because the product has dried out your lips – which like other matte products it will! After I put a tiny bit of Vaseline on my lips it seemed to rehydrate the creme and just turned my lips into an unattractive sticky mess and I found myself scrubbing at my lips until I was just left with tacky feeling, regular colour lips. Another bad thing about this creme is that it has a better-than-regugular-matte ability to highlight the flaws on your lips. Therefore if you plan to use it ensure your lips are in better condition than mine were!

All in all, although I think there are better products out there, until there is a larger range of colours and they’re more easily accessible to the British market I’ll still with my bargain balm. After all does it really matte-r if it gets a little messy after rehydrating if it wears well and looks good? 


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