Rose Gold hair



Pastel hair has been the Summer trend for years, this year however it’s all about Rose Gold everything. Rose blond hair is different yet classy and looks effortlessly flawless – when done right. Luckily there are a few different ways to get this look in various intensities.

  1. Rose shampoo: For those of you who don’t want to risk damaging your hair with bleach or dye there are tinted shampoos. Products like Bleach London Rose Shampoo and matching conditioner are perfect for those of you easing yourself into rose hair. Designed for almost daily use these products allow you to control how much your hair is tinted, as the effect grows with each use. The only downfall of this product? As can be expected the effect is lessened the darker your hair is.
  2. Conditioner and dye: Another way to control the pigment of your rose gold is to combine a darker dye with conditioner. Directions Pastel Pink dye can be a good base to start with here. When mixed with a white conditioner and perhaps another dye like Apricot you can achieve a customised rose gold dye of your choice. The only catch here is that when mixing dyes it can be hard to make more of the dye next time.
  3. Rose Blonde Dye: The other day in Superdrug I saw a product which has definitely been a long time coming. Colour Freedom have released a hair dye specifically to achieve Rose Gold hair. By using this dye you are guaranteed to achieve the colour you are aiming (as long as you have a pretty much platinum blonde base). However this option can be a little pricier as the tubes are quite small and cost £6.99 each whereas cheap conditioner and Directions will probably work out a little cheaper.

Of course you could skip out on all the doubt and go to the hair dressers for your new colour like I’m sure all the celebrities showcasing the regal look have done. The only setback here is of course that it is the most expensive option, it really just depends on how daring you’re feeling. All I know is I want to be a Rose Gold princess please.


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